The Glory of God

At church last Sunday the preacher asked if anyone had ever seen “the glory of God”.  I immediately thought yes but was afraid to raise my hand for fear of being called on to share.  It was a small church and we were visitors.  It turns out I was wise to be afraid as the preacher called on all the raised hands to share their experiences seeing “the glory of God”.  People shared about sunrises, sunsets, grand babies and oceans.  Where I agree completely with all of them, “the glory of God” is clearly seen in all these things, these things didn’t match my answer.  When the preacher asked his question my mind instantly went to our work with PHA.  God is the only explanation for the success of PHA’s orphan and at-risk youth ministry.  Don’t get me wrong our Ukrainian ministry partners are PHENOMENAL!  They work hard and love harder in what seem like impossible ways.  Chris and I don’t know much about our part of the equation, but we work hard too.  Together, PHA’s staff and volunteers put in countless hours.  But the results we see can only be explained by God’s hand.  He is working in Ukraine.  He is changing the hearts of our kids. One of our kids said it best when he told me “Christy, God changes people.”  This is where I see “the glory of God”.  In the changes in the lives of the kids PHA ministers to.  And it all happens not by our hands but by His hands.



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