When I grow up I want to be a little kid…

When I grow up I want to be a little kid…

I want to look at my mom and Dad and see my whole wonderful world.

I want to fall down while riding my bike and have my mom blow on my cut and fix everything.

I want to know my dad is Superman.

I want to play and run and have the ground not seem so far away when I fall.

I want to laugh.

I want my worst fear to be being tickled by someone who I know loves me.

I want my big problems to be a spelling test.

I want to cry and not care who sees me.

I want to feel sun on my skin and not think about sunscreen.

I want to see snow and be excited, not worry about how to get to work.

I want to smell rain and not worry about drought or floods.

I want to never wonder about paying bills or for buying food.

I want to have loving touch be my normal daily experience with my family.

I want to love people simply because they love me.

I want to have big hugs from big people (aka adults) and not wonder about their motives.

I want to feel the grass and gravel under my bare feet and not worry about stickers or sharp rocks.

I want to swim in the ocean and enjoy the salt on my lips.

I want to play in the woods and not think about snakes, bears, or danger.

I want to have a vocabulary free of words like hate and war.

I want a world free of worry and full of love…

and more than anything else I want these childhood memories for the PHA Family of kids in Ukraine…