Roller Coasters


Roller Coasters…

Their ups and downs.  Their hills and valleys.  The climb to the top that ends the last few feet before the fall with the “Tic, Tic, Tic” of the cars making the most difficult part of the climb.  Excitement, fear, and anxiety are all followed by fun, amazement and a sense of release and freedom.  And of course this process just repeats itself until the ride is over.

The journey of this ministry often makes us feel as if we are on an emotional a roller coaster.    Ups, downs, hills, valleys, good things, praise then the “Tic, Tic, Tic” gets into your head again.

Here comes a problem.  We can do it.  God we trust you.  Oh no it’s getting steeper, the hill is getting harder to climb…“Tic, Tic, Tic”.  Wow! We made it! God you are amazing!  You always prevail! Thank you!  And then another hill.

Another “issue”.  We are half way up this time.  It almost seems as if God is pushing us up the hill.  He’s providing.  But what if… “Tic, Tic, Tic”.  And then…Blessings!  An amazing story from the field.  A picture of a smiling orphan child we love reading her Bible.  A life forever changed.  A check arrives in the mail from a supporter.  A church calls to say we can talk to their missions committee or tell their congregation all about what it is that PHA does in Ukraine.

We are coasting!  This is great! But what about…“Tic, Tic, Tic”.  What do we do? What’s our plan?  What’s God’s plan?  What is HE saying? We aren’t sure…“Tic, Tic, Tic”. And then like the brightest light in the darkest dark we see it.  His hand.  His way. His will.

And so the emotional roller coaster of this journey continues.  Ups and downs.  Hills and valleys.  Worry and praise behind every door and around every corner. Every day.

And through it all faith grows.

Well it’s a new year.  On one hand it’s been 16 years since PHA was granted official nonprofit status.  On the other hand it’s the 2nd year since PHA made some big additions.  Domik, our day center, has been open for over a year now.  Our Family House has been open since last summer and is providing a Christian home for some great kids in their time of need.

God’s blessings have been overly abundant during the last two years.  He has taken the dreams He gave us and turned them into a reality.  A reality where children’s lives are being changed.  A reality where they have a real chance to come to know Christ.

And now, that reality will begin to include two new cities.  As of January 16th PHA is officially serving in Poltava and Kharkov.  In Poltava an energetic young preacher named Fedya Chernichkin is joining the PHA Family.  He has already demonstrated a love for the Lord and a passion for serving children in need.  Tanya Belokonnaya, who has served with us since Donetsk, is now living in Kharkov with her new husband, Vanya and is beginning to serve at orphanages there.  We stand amazed that God has not only blessed the work of the last year but is giving us more opportunities to serve as well as the resources to do so.

Through all of the blessings over the past year the emotional rollercoaster continues to be a part of our work.  Daily there are challenges.  Daily there are blessings.  God provides.  Faith grows.  Without the up hills and battles it seems the downhills would not be as sweet.  We need Him.  It is His work.  It is His will.  He chose us to be along for the ride and we are humbled.

We hate the “Tic, Tic, Tic” that the devil wants us to hear.  So we cover it in prayer and we draw closer to Him.

-Chris and Christy