Plans and Dreams to Actions

So I’m a guy who likes to plan.  Then when I finish planning I like to make a good back up plan.   But that’s not how faith seems to work.   Faith is exactly that, FAITH.  A year and a half ago Christy and I were making plans to transition from our secular careers and a really nice normal life to what our church likes to call upside down living.   A life devoted to ministry serving orphans in Ukraine.   That’s about the time the future started to become very uncertain in Ukraine.   Political unrest gave way to strife and foreign invasion.   There goes my plan A and B.   I think now we are on plan U, but God has been here all along.   It has been amazing to see him “guiding the ship.”


It’s also been amazing to see the plans and dreams that began before the summer of 2013 for Christy and I turn into real actions over the last year.  In that time we’ve seen summer camps, relationships begin with orphans, orphanages, refugees and other ministries, and the opening of PHA’s day center Domik.  What an exciting thing to see not only the growth of a tree but the fruit it produces.   I’d like to say that this gain is all due to the meticulous planning of indispensable people but it’s beyond obvious that it is all due to God.   The way He intertwines our lives providing for the right connections, open heats, and the funding to make it all happen.   It has no doubt been a leap of faith, but it has also been a path that has been constantly lined with encouragement and the opportunity to be witness to amazing things.   To see kid’s lives who are forever changed, hearts that are opening, and people becoming aware of the love of Jesus Christ.  That is truly a knowledge that changes you.

Our plans are nothing compared to God in action.