From a Chicken Coop to Ukraine

Howdy!   Our names are Chris and Christy Hill.  We have been married for close to 12 years now and in 2012 God changed the pathway of our lives.  As many of you know we went from typical careers in construction and teaching to orphan ministry in Ukraine.  We often share information with others about the work we do in Ukraine but seldom do we tell the story of how it all started.  How we went from a chicken coop to Ukraine…

We were living “typical-normal” lives.  We were living in Cameron, TX where Chris was a superintendent for a construction company, and I was a high school math teacher.

We do not have what we would consider to be a typical missionary background, if there even is such a thing.   I had always been drawn to missionary work and had spent years trying to convince Chris to get on board with the idea.  His answer was always “I’m not a preacher, what would I do?”

In the summer of 2012 mission work was particularly on my heart.  I shared this with Chris and he suggested that we pray about it and ask God to reveal His will to us.  So we prayed, a lot… and then we went to church a week later. There in the church bulletin was an announcement from one of our elders, Kent Dale, about a Ukraine mission trip.  We knew the Dale’s from earlier years, the trip was in June when I would be out of school for the summer, it was only 10 days and Chris had enough vacation time to go.  All of these things made the trip doable for us but God spoke louder to us than just the scheduling.  The announcement said that they needed people to help build a chicken coop.  Now a chicken coop might not seem like the words of God to just anyone but to us they did.  First off Chris is in construction, he has built me many chicken coops over the years and this was a way for him to be effective without being a “preacher”.  To me, chickens have always been a part of my life.  I have raised them, loved them, hypnotized them, majored in them in college, and worked with them at the A&M Poultry Science Farm. You’ve heard of a “crazy old cat lady”… Well my mom is a “crazy chicken lady”.  And the connections to chickens just go on from there.  We felt like God had just hit us over the head and made it obvious that He wanted us to be a part of this trip.

So we went to Ukraine. We learned of the problems that face older orphans and knew it was something we had to help with.  Now we work full time in ministry with a nonprofit, Program for Humanitarian Aid.  We travel to Ukraine frequently to help and serve. While we are in the States we share the story of the work and fundraise for this ministry.

We never got to build the chicken coop.  God just used it to get us there.

We hope you will follow us and pray for us.  We want to use this blog as a way to share our stories, experiences, successes and failures…